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Another Monday morning,  a start to a new week, time do a quick reflection of the week past before jumping headfirst into the week ahead.

Blue Trees from Poppytalk

The Blue Trees from Poppytalk – An art installation for the Vancouver Biennale. So lovely.

Devil’s Food Cake from The Pastry Affair – This cake looks so yummy, I can’t wait for an excuse to make a cake! Also, since baking a layer cake is on my 25 Before 25 list, I think I need to get on this one ASAP!

Striped Coffee Table and Drawer Console from design*sponge – I could take or leave the coffee table, but the console absolutely makes my heart sing. I have been on a several-year quest for a buffet for the dining room, and have been having a bear of a time finding something stylish and affordable. This Ikea hack look great! Unfortunately it appears the drawer units are near impossible to find, and may even be discontinued. Still, the idea is a great one, and it may be implemented with similar products from other stores. Want!

Cheap Plastic Wardrobe Turned Spray Painting Tent from Apartment Therapy – Living in an apartment with minimal outdoor space, I had figured that any spray painting project would be too risky on our tiny balcony. This solution, at least for small items makes a ton of sense and gives me a bit of motivation to maybe try this whole spray painting thing.

Making Paper Orchids: The How To from in words and pictures – Gorgeous cut and glued paper orchids. I can imagine them in white or in naturalistic colors, perhaps framed in small individual shadow boxes, mounted in a series. I have got to try this one!


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Weekly round-up of goodies that have caught my eye on the internet!

Yellow Patterned Stairs

Fabulous stairs from thehousehome – I’m not sure if these stairs were decoupaged, stenciled, or hand-painted, but I love them!

grey inspiration from the style files – Something about soft dove gray appeals to me very much. The tones here are gorgeous, but my personal preference is for more pops of color to contrast.

Swedish Cinnamon Butterhorns (Kanelbullar) from The Cilantropist – These crescent-shaped cinnamon rolls look positively scrumptious! My mouth waters just looking at them.

The U.S. Map Pillow Tutorial from kiki creates – I think I am going to have to make a series of these for our house, since we have lived so many places. I am picturing a grouping of maybe 5 on our couch in different bright color-ways. Maybe I could use cotton instead of felt, and use some fun and funky patterns!

Recycling Glass Insulators into Pendant Light from *Remodelaholic* – This project uses power tools that I don’t foresee owning in the near future, but the idea is certainly lovely.

before & after: katie’s bright and modern nursery from design*sponge – The nursery is lovely, but I am completely obsessing over the multi-colored, multi-sized alphabet on the wall. I don’t think this design is nursery-specific, and I really want an alphabet wall!

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This is a quick roundup of interesting articles and posts that caught my eye this past week.

Tulip Fields

Tulip Fields from junkgarden – Aren’t they just gorgeous and inspiring?

Weeknight Bolognese from Annie’s Eats – This meal really does sound easy, and I love that it is a Bolognese sauce that doesn’t use Italian sausage since I’m really not a fan.

50s Wallpaper by Sanderson from Design*Sponge – As I am quite enthusiastic about 50’s design, I find this exuberant wallpaper quite lovely. I certainly can’t imagine entire rooms done up in these papers, but as an accent wall they would be fun!

African Violets from good bones, great pieces – I love this cute little setup of violets. I regret that I have a terribly black thumb because this is adorable.

Collecting: Class Pictures from poppytalk – I like this display of vintage and antique class photos very much. I think the fact that they are all similar scale and black and white make the collection seem unified in a way color pictures would not.

Backyard Scrabble from junkgarden – Giant backyard Scrabble board? Yes please!

Needle-felted Venus Fly Trap from in words and pictures – I’ve long been fascinated by carnivorous plants, but my previously reference black thumb prevents me from enjoying them. This project is a nice facsimile of the real thing, and completely un-kill-able.

Tips for Sewing Your Own Duvet Cover from Apartment Therapy DC – Handy little guide to making duvets. I will not give up my down comforter, so many cute comforters are off the table for me. Using sheets to make a personalized cover is a great solution to limited duvet cover selections.

A triceratops!! from going home to roost – Neat neon dino-shaped planters. I think Joe would love this.

Friday’s Quick Pick: Framed Pucci Scarf from good bones, great pieces- A great idea for framing a scarf as artwork. Since I enjoy the look of scarves, but am not a scarf-wearer at all, this is a lovely solution.

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This is a quick roundup of interesting articles and posts that caught my eye this past week.

Dare to Choose a More Colorful Neutral from Houzz – Great article about the basics of color and how to go beyond bland beige.

D.I.Y Kokeshi Display from Poppytalk – Incredibly simple and adorable way to display a prized collection. I cannot wait to try this one out!

D.I.Y. Rosette Embellished Pillow from Living with Lindsay – I’ve been admiring this exact pillow that she finds inspiration from, but it really is a very particular color. Now I know how I could do it myself in a fabric I actually like!

The Sexiest Before and After. Like Ever. from Centsational Girl – A simple, step-by step instruction on how to patch a hole in drywall.

And one from a little more than a week ago: Spice Racks as Bookshelves from the style files – Such a cute idea; childrens’ books displayed parallel to the wall. Both useful and artful.

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So, it looks like another big move is on the horizon for us: just a touch more than a month, and we are moving across the country again. As such, I have been spending a lot of time on various websites researching possible future homes. We’ll probably rent again. I am crossing my fingers for a nice townhouse this time around.

One thing that keeps exciting me as I look at townhouses is the presence of red doors. I cannot really explain it, but the idea of having a red front door absolutely makes me swoon. My personal theory is that a red front door contrasted with a neutral exterior paint color puts focus on the door itself (duh) which in turn makes the viewer think of the door as the portal to the interior, rather than as simply a part of the exterior. Thus, the viewer of the home thinks about the people within, and perhaps their lives, vibrancy, and hospitality. In essence, a red door creates a feeling of welcome-ness. At least that’s what I think. What do you think of red doors? Welcoming or discouraging? Pretty or pretty tacky?

Red Doors

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out by Thomas Hawk

The Entrance by Fe Ilya

Enchanted by Sebastián-Dario

vancouver 352 by Rick E Dick

Red Door by ChadOrlikowski

The Red Door by ohskylab

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Hello, hello, hello! I am finally back from my two week trip back to my home town. It was nice to get away for a little while; and as the internet connection is…iffy at my folks’ house, so the blog was on a bit of a hiatus. So picking up where we last left off…

It is a little bit sad to be at the end of my series on the Pantone 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter)! “Rose Dust” is the last color for the 2010 season. It seems so funny to be done with this series…but I think I need to take a break before I dive in to the next season’s fashion color predictions!

“Rose Dust” is perhaps the most feminine color in the collection. It is a subtle grayish-pink, very delicate and pretty. At the same time, the color could function quite well as a neutral, due to its subtle tonality. In a way, I feel this color is perhaps one of the most old-fashioned of the palette, along with “Living Coral.” I guess for me there is just something about these pinks that make it so they would not seem out of place in–dare I say it?–a grandmother’s room. But on the other hand, the color would work wonderfully for a young girl’s room–it is not aggressively feminine and I feel it would “grow” well with a girl, as it is quite ageless. The home decor choices could certainly make this color work for a younger or older individual. I could see it fitting very with traditional or ultra-modern decor, giving the color the update I think it may need. Once again, this neutral tone was quite difficult to find for the accent board. Most commonly found pinks are much more vibrant, and lack the grayish overtones of this color. So I tried my best!

Four panels: A girl in a white dress and black converse sneakers sits on the floor next to a radio, the room is bathed in pink light; a blooming pale pink flower; close up of pink lace; and a view of the sky and clouds from above, probably from an airplane, the sky and tops of the clouds are myriad shades of pink and lavender

Rose Dust Inspirations

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Young Love by Gabriela Camerotti

Pale Pink Rose by audreyjm529

untitled by Kikasz

Soft lace by tankgirlrs

A series of pink objects: a dress, pillow, box carved to look like three books, a shoe, and an alarm clock

Rose Dust Accents

Background color: Behr Paint Color Fairview Taupe (130E-2)

O Pioneers Dress from Modcloth

Tuscan Sun Breakfast Pillow from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Book Boxes–Pink Three Stack from Wisteria

Christian Louboutin “Caracolo Plateau” pumps in Dusty Pink from Bluefly

Lux Alarm Clock from Z Gallerie

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We are so close to the end! “Oyster Gray” is the second-to-last color in my series on the Pantone 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter).

“Oyster Gray” is an incredibly interesting color in this series. Clearly, it functions as a neutral, but the color is actually more complex than that. At first glance, it seems to be a simple dove gray, but on closer inspection, its not. In fact, the undertones of this gray are a pinky-orange rather than the more typical blues or greens that are usually the base colors for a light gray. As such, I found it exceedingly difficult to find items for the accents board that match this tone. Almost everything I tried was more of the blue-green gray! So apologies for the lean board. In real life, however, if decorating a room with this neutral, it would most likely serve as the backdrop for more vibrant colors, and so matching probably would not create much of a problem!

Oyster Gray Inspirations

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Mystery Bird in Flight by homer4k

A Job Well Dome by jaxxon

Blackfield by photographer padawan *(xava du)

Ghost Stairs by splorp

Oyster Gray Accents

Background color: Behr paint in Smoked Oyster (780A-2) I love it when the color I pick on tone alone matches the title of the Pantone color

Grace Pillow in Silver from Z Gallerie

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Eyeshadow in Chic from Ulta

Spa Day 4 wall art from Z Gallerie

Type Z Colleen in Grey Suede from Zappos.com

Sutton Sofette from CB2

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