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Good morning Monday! Starting my week off right with a jaunt through what caught my eye this past week.

Yellow Chairs


yellow bistro chairs from the style files – Quick, cute round up of yellow chairs outdoors. Makes me desperately want a brightly-painted outdoor dining set. I wonder if these cheapies from Ikea would take well to a spray painting?

Penguin Threads Deluxe Classics from poppytalk – Classic books with gorgeously illustrated covers that look like embroidery. Want.

Baker Kavanagh Architects from desire to inspire – Gorgeous modern interiors that incorporate gorgeous woods. The staircases are completely drool-worthy.

I guess I’m on a huge DIY kick – here are three cute and fairly simple projects:

DIY: Patchwork Picnic Blanket from Centsational Girl – Perfect for spreading out for a (well sun-screened) afternoon nap or for a fabulous picnic meal.

A bowl full of rosettes (tutorial) from kiki creates – I love these cute little flowers. I think they would make fabulous brooches!

DIY: Colorful Dessert Stands from Centsational Girl (again) – Made from garage sale or dollar store finds, these brightly colored stands are totally up my alley.


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Happy Halloween!

1. Majestic, 2. de profundis / the depths of sorrow, 3. sway, 4. Departure

All Images via Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Majestic by sigma.

de profundis / the depths of sorrow by e³ººº

Departure by Josh Liba

sway by Jan Michellardi

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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I am looking for bright colors now. Gone (hopefully) are the days of gray skies and white snow-covered grounds. Now are the days of bright blue skies, grass growing greener by the day, spring flowers beginning to peak their way out of the earth. Indoors, I am wanting bright splashes of color–blues, reds, yellows, purples. Ah, spring.

Perfectly purple

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Beatrice Eggplant by iLoveButter

be very, very careful by tobym

Thistle Bomb by ecstaticist

This Way114/365: Door Knob by Jer Kunz

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Today is Easter Sunday, and I thought it would be nice to hearken in spring with some imagery of a natural, calming spring. I went a bit outside my normal aesthetics of bright colors to bring out some beautiful neutrals.

Soft Neutrals

All Images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Eggs, Naturally by cobalt123

Silk scarf by tanakawho

Concrete Peach Texture by Abby Lanes

Softness by p!o

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Tuesday was such an incredible spring day, warm temperature, sunny skies–finally an end to winter, it seemed. Of course, weather out here is incredibly unpredictable, and by Saturday it is supposed to get chilly again. But I am definitely in a spring and summer mood! I bought a taste of summer today in a pint of strawberries. So some beautiful spring flowers should do well to boost my mood on a gray day like today. All of this pictures just felt fresh, fun, and made me smile. I think I need to get some yellow flowers (maybe fake) to freshen up the bedroom.

Daffodil Yellow

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

A Dove Amongst the Host? by seeks2dream

yellow strings by Michael (mx5tx)

unnecessary by Robert in Toronto (down under)

CAKE by Subspace

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Yesterday Joe and I traveled into downtown Denver. I had forgotten that Saturday morning was Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Needless to say we were surrounded by green–green shirts, green necklaces, green beer. Thus, green inspiration photos!

Arcadian Green

All Images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

“Rivet” by Auntie P

“Be natural.” by LunaDiRimmel

“Acadian” by splorp

“Misty avenue” by net_efekt

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