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Doing this recurring feature has really made me look beyond my typical comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Until recently, I had really only followed New York’s fashion week, with most of my reading coming from New York Mag or style.com. But in the quest for new, fresh, interesting material, I have started looking at fashion shows from other locations. Today’s Wear to Where is from Berlin’s Fashion Week.

Berlin’s fashion week is a new one; 2007 marked the inaugural year. In that the festivities are quite new, it seems to allow younger, fresher talent than other fashion weeks, which tend to focus primarily on established brands and designers. Personally, although I love the established fashion houses (as seen by the fact that my previous Wear to Where posts have focused on Dior and Chanel) I find the focus on new designers to be very exciting. I love to see the new ideas, color combinations, and different modes of construction that young designers bring to the table.

So this Wear to Where is based on the designs of a company out of Munich. Allude specializes in designer knitwear, especially cashmere. I think that the specialization of the company in some ways requires innovation in unusual ways, and I think in this collection, it is clear that innovations in color combinations and textures are at the forefront. If nothing, the collection is certainly vibrant!

All Allude collection images are from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Look 1

Bedroom image from Decor Pad

Look 3

Living room image from Best Home Gallery

Look 6

Youth bedroom image from Great Interior Design

Look 8

Hotel room image from Momoy.com

Look 10

Conference room image from BeInteriorDecorator

Look 12

Bedroom image from digdigs


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Dior’s Resort collection came out recently, and I don’t think it could be more different than Chanel’s collection. Whereas Chanel’s collection was all airy, tropical, mature; Dior’s collection was tailored, urban, and young. It just goes to show how two collections from a single, often pigeon-holed season can diverge so drastically. I loved many pieces from this collection, but had a much harder time finding interiors that reflected the garments; many of Dior’s pieces were quite monochromatic in unusual colors, which I love for clothes, but aren’t necessarily as accessible for interior design. Still, I was able to find a few great ideas in this collection.

Dior Look 3

Dior’s third look. Image from Style.com

Living room from iHouse Designs

Dior Look 13

Dior’s thirteenth look. Image from Style.com

Room from Jordan Guide Design. Its part of the LEGO offices. How cool is that?

Dior Look 21

Dior’s 21st look. Image from Style.com

Living room from Completely Coastal. Could either of these looks be any more aggressively girly?

Dior Look 26

Dior’s 26th Look. Image from Style.com

Room from Apartment Therapy

Dior Look 44

Dior’s Look 44. Image from Style.com

Room from Out in Home

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So. Fashion. My not-so-secret enthusiasm. I have been “into” fashion for quite a few years now. As a kid, I loved fashion books, paper doll books, books about the fashion industry. Years ago I was a costumer for theatre productions. And these days I try to keep up on fashion; I love spending an afternoon looking at hundreds of images from the latest seasons’ shows. And although making clothes is not a skill I have in my sewing repertoire, I find fashion so inspiring–not so much as clothing to wear (I am a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of gal) but as works of art, as pattern, color, and texture.

Thus, in a seemingly natural extension of this inspiration and interest, I thought I would do a feature on translating fashion to space and decor. For full disclosure, the idea for this feature is from delight by design. I think it is only fair to give her credit for being the first to do this (as far as I know.)

On to the designs. Chanel was the first show of the Resort 2011 season. “Resort” season is a growing season, considered less traditional than the spring and fall collections. The season was originally formulated to appeal to wealthy vacationers heading to the tropics, but over time the season has changed into more of a distinctive third fashion season. (There is a wonderful article from Time magazine a few years back here) I find resort season to be the most accessible and wearable. Resort tends to focus on classic pieces in breezier fabrics. With Resort fashion, it is easy to imagine incorporating similar pieces and the general ideas into a budget-conscious wardrobe. The fashion is far more “real-world,” more translatable for everyday wear. I also find designers tend to choose more exuberant colors and patterns, which I find immensely appealing. The freer use of color and pattern, and the simpler designs really seems to translate well to interior spaces.

So, here are four of my favorite looks from Chanel’s 2011 resort collection translated into decor. The collection was very tropical-inspired, filled with the colors of exotic flowers, feminine details, but with a little bit of rock-and-roll edge.

Chanel Look 1

Chanel’s first look. Image from Style.com

Bath from Cerise Pink

Chanel Look 5 (Click for bigger version)

Chanel’s fifth look. Image from Style.com

Bed room from The Style Files

Chanel 38th Look

Chanel’s look 38. Image from Style.com

Living space from decor8

Chanel 47th Look

Chanel’s look 47. Image from Style.com

Bath from Apartment Therapy

I love the way that fashion and design can influence one another, and how easy it is to see how one thing that you love can be translated to another passion. It really highlights how design principles can be found in different iterations of creative outlet. And more than that, it just makes me happy!

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