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Hello, hello, hello! I am finally back from my two week trip back to my home town. It was nice to get away for a little while; and as the internet connection is…iffy at my folks’ house, so the blog was on a bit of a hiatus. So picking up where we last left off…

It is a little bit sad to be at the end of my series on the Pantone 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter)! “Rose Dust” is the last color for the 2010 season. It seems so funny to be done with this series…but I think I need to take a break before I dive in to the next season’s fashion color predictions!

“Rose Dust” is perhaps the most feminine color in the collection. It is a subtle grayish-pink, very delicate and pretty. At the same time, the color could function quite well as a neutral, due to its subtle tonality. In a way, I feel this color is perhaps one of the most old-fashioned of the palette, along with “Living Coral.” I guess for me there is just something about these pinks that make it so they would not seem out of place in–dare I say it?–a grandmother’s room. But on the other hand, the color would work wonderfully for a young girl’s room–it is not aggressively feminine and I feel it would “grow” well with a girl, as it is quite ageless. The home decor choices could certainly make this color work for a younger or older individual. I could see it fitting very with traditional or ultra-modern decor, giving the color the update I think it may need. Once again, this neutral tone was quite difficult to find for the accent board. Most commonly found pinks are much more vibrant, and lack the grayish overtones of this color. So I tried my best!

Four panels: A girl in a white dress and black converse sneakers sits on the floor next to a radio, the room is bathed in pink light; a blooming pale pink flower; close up of pink lace; and a view of the sky and clouds from above, probably from an airplane, the sky and tops of the clouds are myriad shades of pink and lavender

Rose Dust Inspirations

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Young Love by Gabriela Camerotti

Pale Pink Rose by audreyjm529

untitled by Kikasz

Soft lace by tankgirlrs

A series of pink objects: a dress, pillow, box carved to look like three books, a shoe, and an alarm clock

Rose Dust Accents

Background color: Behr Paint Color Fairview Taupe (130E-2)

O Pioneers Dress from Modcloth

Tuscan Sun Breakfast Pillow from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Book Boxes–Pink Three Stack from Wisteria

Christian Louboutin “Caracolo Plateau” pumps in Dusty Pink from Bluefly

Lux Alarm Clock from Z Gallerie


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We are so close to the end! “Oyster Gray” is the second-to-last color in my series on the Pantone 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter).

“Oyster Gray” is an incredibly interesting color in this series. Clearly, it functions as a neutral, but the color is actually more complex than that. At first glance, it seems to be a simple dove gray, but on closer inspection, its not. In fact, the undertones of this gray are a pinky-orange rather than the more typical blues or greens that are usually the base colors for a light gray. As such, I found it exceedingly difficult to find items for the accents board that match this tone. Almost everything I tried was more of the blue-green gray! So apologies for the lean board. In real life, however, if decorating a room with this neutral, it would most likely serve as the backdrop for more vibrant colors, and so matching probably would not create much of a problem!

Oyster Gray Inspirations

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Mystery Bird in Flight by homer4k

A Job Well Dome by jaxxon

Blackfield by photographer padawan *(xava du)

Ghost Stairs by splorp

Oyster Gray Accents

Background color: Behr paint in Smoked Oyster (780A-2) I love it when the color I pick on tone alone matches the title of the Pantone color

Grace Pillow in Silver from Z Gallerie

Lorac Baked Matte Satin Eyeshadow in Chic from Ulta

Spa Day 4 wall art from Z Gallerie

Type Z Colleen in Grey Suede from Zappos.com

Sutton Sofette from CB2

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Another day, another post about the  Pantone 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter). Slowly but surely we head to completion; 80% done. Today’s color is “Woodbine.”

In describing Woodbine, I would say that it is more of a retro color than some of the other colors in the collection. It feels very earthy and natural, and I feel it hearkens back in some ways to the botanical color trends of the 1970’s, in particular the infamous supercolor–avocado. Of course, Woodbine is a calmer, more traditional take on a naturalistic green than its ancestor. It would certainly not look out of place in a historical home. However, for more modern sensibilities, I feel woodbine needs to be paired with another, more modern color in order to escape a more stuffy, formal feeling. I think it would pair particularly well with another color in the series, Endive for a modern monochromatic look.

Woodbine Inspirations

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Asparagus asparagus (can you do the fandango) by itsjustanalias

Exponential Green by eflon

kale almond pesto by elana’s pantry

Green Spring Growth by Petirrojo

Woodbine Accents

Background color: Behr paint in Scotland Isle (410D-5)

hour/15 minute glasses from CB2

Linen Hemstitch Napkins and Placemats in Cactus from Pottery Barn

Garden Plate by Crate and Barrel

Born Peony shoes in Meadow from Zappos.com

Green Fleur Tealight from Z Gallerie

Curved Pots from Crate and Barrel

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Hoo boy! We are slowly getting through my series on the  Pantone 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter). We’ll be seven down, three more to go! Today’s color is “Lagoon.”

“Lagoon” is definitely competing for my favorite color in the series with the previously covered “Purple Orchid.” I am so very much a “color” person. I love deeply saturated colors, so of course I am drawn to Lagoon’s slightly greenish-blue color. I feel the color was chosen as a continuation of Pantone’s 2010 color of the year, Turquoise. I think the challenge of working with such a bold color is that there is some tendency to go “theme-y” with it. A color with such strong associations seems to lend itself to recreating those associations. In particular, I see this color being utilized in a “tropical” room, or a “Southwest” room. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with using this color in this way, but I feel that in order to communicate the sophisticated side of the color, it is probably best to use the color as an accent or accessory.

Lagoon Inspiration

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Paradise found in Japan by ippei + janine

IMG_0299 by mat_b

Faceted Krypton Glow by cobalt123

salt and light by Laurie ¦ Liquid Paper

Lagoon Accents

Background: Behr Paint in Sea Life (490B-4)

Hayward Lagoon 18″ Pillow at Crate and Barrel

Gabriella Rocha Mylie Pump in Teal Patent at Zappos.com

Birch forest No. 14 at Z Gallerie

Antoinette Fainting Sofa – Storm – Majestic Velvet at Urban Outfitters

Cecelia Blue Napkins Set of Four at Crate and Barrel

LA Splash Nail Polish in Golden Seahorse at Ulta

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Yet another entry in my series on Pantone’s 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter). This time the color is “Chocolate Truffle.”

“Chocolate Truffle” is an interesting color. At first glance it appears to be a slightly reddish brown color, but on closer inspection, the color actually appears to be a dark brownish plum color. It is a color quite difficult to pin down due to its quite unique combination of red, purple, and brown. The color is quite beautiful, and I think it would make a wonderful alternative neutral. It is certainly one of the more subdued hues in the collection, and I think it would work incredibly well with almost any of the other Trend colors this coming season.

Chocolate Truffle Inspiration

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

chocolate super nova by lilivanili

Red wine by Michele Ferretti

Wrangall Garnet by subarcticmike

Queen of the Night by byte

Chocolate Truffle Accents

Background: Behr Paint in Plum Raisin (120F-7)

Sequoia Frame at Z Gallerie

Bella Wall Paper in Plum and Turquoise from Urban Outfitters

Red Chateau Volnay Tray at Wisteria

Oren Vase in Red at Z Gallerie

Tempo 20″ Velvet Pillow in Brick from Crate and Barrel

Manhattan Leather Recliner in Whiskey from Pottery Barn

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“Purple Orchid” is the fifth color in my series on Pantone’s 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter). Half-way through the colors!

Purple Orchid may be my favorite color of the series. Purple is my favorite color, and this is probably my favorite shade. It is darker than a lavender, a bit bolder; feminine yet confident. I feel that if the shade was applied to an interior, it would read much darker than it initially appears. I could certainly see a lighter shade working well in a young girl’s room.

Purple Orchid Inspiration

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Amethyst close up by jipol

purple orchid by t4n14 phei

Diamonds and Pearls by Irina Souiki

Purple berries by tanakawho

Purple Orchid Accents

Background: Behr paint in Strawberry Freeze (680B-5)

Eucalyptus Branches Picture from Z Gallerie

Lambert Mulberry 20″ Pillow from Crate and Barrel

Three Tiers for Fashion dress from ModCloth

Surya area rug Flirty Purple from Macy’s

Embossed Fancy Frame in Purple from Target

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“Lipstick Red” is the next color in my series on Pantone’s 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter).

Lipstick red is a wonderful pinkish red. It is certainly not a true red, with more of a pinky-blue undertone. I find this tone to be more interesting, and more “palatable” than a true red. I feel it could be read as a pink or a red depending on the context. If it is read more pink, it is certainly a sophisticated pink. Once again, I contend this color would function best as an accent–I cannot imagine an entire room painted in this shade!

Lipstick Red Inspiration

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Cherries by Kathylumsden

Nasturtium, ‘Cherries Jublilee’_1 by Elle-Epp

red velvet by poopoorama

ladybug by kacos2000

Lipstick Red Accents

Behr Paint in Frosted Pomegranate (140B-7)

Classical Symmetry Red Print from Crate and Barrel

Tulle There Was You Dress from ModCloth

Chinois Bird Red 100% Thai Silk Pillow from Target

Lorac Cream Lipstick in Berry from Ulta (With a name like “Lipstick Red” how could I not include a bit of its namesake?)

Night and Day Convertible Sofa in Cardinal from Urban Outfitters

Lampan lamp in Red from Ikea

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