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We have a lot of DVDs. Joe and I both enjoy supporting the movies and television programs we enjoy by “voting with our dollars” as it were. And to be honest, the siren song of the $5 movie sections at big-box stores constantly tempts us to pick up even some mediocre flicks. Which is all well and good until you see what our collection has looked like for a while now:

Before: Oh the Humanity!

Yes, that is a full-sized bookshelf packed to the gills with DVDs. Some are two deep, others are stacked on top of one another. Not a pretty sight. You can see at the top that I sewed up a little curtain out of bed sheets and used a tension rod to hide the messiness within. But after a while I just couldn’t take it any more, and insisted that we find a new way to organize our disks.

Now, oddly enough, Joe and I are both alphabetization fanatics, so much so that even that disaster up there is organized alphabetically. So we needed to find a solution that would reduce the space our DVDs took up, and also allowed us to maintain our alphabetizing solution. We considered purchasing a binder-style DVD case, like this, but upon further examination, we discovered that very few of them have movable pages, which meant that any future additions to our collection would result in a full-blown reorganization every time. Definitely a no-go. Then we thought that if we subdivided our entire collection by genre, then only the genre would need to be reorganized. With up to 8 DVDs per page, this still would be a daunting task.

Thus, when we found this amazing case, we were totally sold. Because the DVDs would essentially be contained in hanging folders, if we added a new DVD to the collection, it could simply be slipped into its own folder and placed alphabetically within its genre. Plus it was only $30!

But organizing the case was not as easy as just pulling the disks out of their plastic cases and shoving them into folders. No, I am super picky, and wanted to maintain at least a portion of the cover art. So I literally spent an entire day with my trusty paper cutter and stack upon stack of DVDs, removing the paper cover art, and cutting it down to approximately 4.5 x 4.5″ squares so it would fit in the folders. I tried to maintain the titles as best as possible in this undertaking. Two disks and two pieces of cover art fit into each double sided “hanging folder.”

One file folder with cover art and disk

I also picked up some Post-It brand “Durable Hanging File Folder Tabs” to delineate the different genres of movies. Because the top of the case has some extra room to it, the file tabs do not get crinkled when the case is closed.

Genre file tabs. If you're curious, our DVDs are subdivided into the genres of: Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Horror, Musical, Rom-Com, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Teen Flicks. It works for us

I am quite proud of the final result. It certainly tidied things up and cut down on the total “real estate” taken up by our collection. As you can see, we opted not to debox our television shows, or our “fancier” DVDs, like the Special Edition sets of “The Lord of the Rings.” It just made more sense for us to keep those as-is.

After: Oh so much better!

And those few cases on top? Those are the beginning of our Blu-Ray collection (Uh-oh!)


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