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Well, I am back. Two months gone by, not a post to be seen. The move went well; the transition from summer into fall is well underway. The leaves have been changing from luscious green to bright firey colors, to becoming more sparse.

Trees in shades of green, gold, and red

The view from our apartment balcony

The past couple of months have gone by like an absolute whirlwind; October especially has moved past in an instant. The weather has had me all discombobulated; one day it is 62°, the next it is near 80° and back again. Today it is more in the sixty degree range and blustery, which means windows thrown open wide for me. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures allowing the layering of light sweaters and cozy jackets, the changing of the leaves, the flavors and smells of fall. Apples, pumpkins, squash, greens, beets; these are some of my favorite things to eat. As the days grow cooler, I find myself wanting to just sit in a comfortable chair with a warm cup of tea and a cozy blanket and a book. So I created my dream reading nook. I tried to stretch my creativity a bit by finding inspiration in traditional gentlemen’s clubs and reading rooms, so this board is a lot more traditional and masculine than what I typically gravitate towards. But I think it looks supremely comfortable and relaxing!

Cozy Reading Corner

Background Color: Martha Stewart Living “Spud” Paint

Complete Sherlock Holmes from Barnes and Noble

Cappuccino Cup and Saucer from Crate and Barrel

Atacama Side Table from Crate and Barrel

Autumn Kiss Original Papercut by tinatarnoff. Her work is absolutely amazing, and I pretty much want one of everything!

Wool/Cashmere Seed Stitch Throw in Latte from Land’s End

Architect Table Lamp from Ralph Lauren Home

Devon Accent Chair by Z Gallerie


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Going through my RSS feeds this morning, I was struck by this gorgeous room featured on Apartment Therapy.

"Living on the River Thames"

Image found via Apartment Therapy.

Normally I am not at all a fan of the color pink. At best, I admire softer, lighter pinks, but generally when it comes to hot pink, I tend to avoid it. Maybe it is the association with intense girlishness, or that it is a color most often found in princess-y rooms. Either way, I would never describe pink as a favorite color, nor one that I am drawn to when it comes to design. This room really caught my eye in how it  incorporated the color in a way that felt fresh and adult rather than childlike. I love the way it looks lived-in and comfortable as well as stylish. So I thought I would play around with figuring out how one could recreate the look. I am pretty pleased with the result. I did find, however, the the greens visible through the window really tie the look together, so if one were to recreate the look in real life, a lovely garden is probably a necessity!

Thames Inspiration mood board

Roughly from Top Left:

Natori Bamboo Ogee decorative Pillows at Macys

Vertigo Poster from Art.com

Parisian Love Seat in You Think, Hot Pink at Wake Up Frankie

Costa Coffee Table from inmod

Madeleine Armchair at Restoration Hardware

Marrakesh Rug by Jonathan Adler

Stainless Steel Teapot from English Tea Store

Carlisle Sofa from Pottery Barn

Faux Fern from Target

Pharmacy Desk Lamp at Crate and Barrel

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I’ve been thinking about dining rooms a lot lately. Growing up, dinner was almost always a family affair. Dinner would wait until everyone was home, and was a time for us to catch up on one another’s day and such. I was never the kind of kid who hated sitting with my parents at the table, digging into a meal cooked up by my mom (during the work week) or by my dad (during the weekends.) Now that I have a family of my own, this kind of thing seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit. I still love talking with Joe about our respective days over a meal; but I have found that more often than not, this conversation occurs at some sort of restaurant or cafe.

It actually saddens me a lot that I am not upholding the torch of the family dinner. Part of this is due to my not being a passionate cook. For me, I like things to taste good and I like things to be easy to make. I know so many people who take great pride and joy in their cooking, but I have yet to find that part of myself. For me, cooking is mostly a chore that needs to get done rather than an activity that fills me with pleasure; and so cooking often gets left out of my daily equation. I hope that at some point I will find the joy in cooking; maybe when I have more than just my own mouth and Joe’s mouth to feed. Maybe it will be when we no longer live in apartments with teeny-tiny sub-par kitchens. Or maybe it will be when I can find the consumption of the meal to be an event, a gathering, rather than just something for sustenance.

The other thing about living in the apartments we have lived in is that there is no delineation of space. The kitchen is the dining room is the living room (quite common in apartments.) This set-up makes me feel less inclined to actually prepare a meal and then sit down and enjoy it. Eating is not really an event to look forward to; it is instead something to hurry up and complete quickly so Joe and I can move on to other activities. I would like to think that having a calming, dedicated dining room would encourage us to take a deep breath, sit down for a bit, and begin to unwind from the day. Something about a dedicated dining room says, “now we are eating together.” In a dedicated dining room, other distractions are minimized. The couch isn’t five feet away, beckoning with its siren song. Instead, you are in the moment, enjoying a meal together, enjoying the food and one another’s company.

My Dream Dining Room

In thinking about dining rooms so much, I have been considering my own dream dining space. I want this dining space to be one of comfort and relaxation, and so blue seemed a natural choice. Color theory talks about blue being a calming color in contrast to bright fire-y colors, such as orange, red and yellow, which can induce feelings of urgency and induce appetites. In this light, blue seems greatly counter-intuitive for a dining room, but as I want to focus more on relaxation and togetherness in the room, I think it works. The idea of the industrial-style chairs is a new one for me. I had admired them for a while, but always thought that they probably far too uncomfortable to be enjoyed within a home space. Well, my mind was changed this weekend when Joe and I visited a restaurant called “The Counter,” which is an upscale burger joint chain here in Denver and elsewhere in the United States, and even internationally. I do not know if all outposts have these industrial-style chairs, but the one here does, and both Joe and I agreed that the chairs were incredibly, surprisingly comfortable. On this mood board I went with ones from Crate and Barrel. I know that they are not the originators of the design, and that “authentic” chairs can be bought from Design Within Reach, but at this point in our lives, that design is not within our reach. I accented the industrial chairs with the warmth of wood. For a long time I have not been much of a fan of wood, feeling it is too formal for my more modern aesthetic, but I have recently discovered that I do enjoy the warmth wood imparts on a space. And, although the board is intended to be aspirational, I included the dinnerware that we already own, because I absolutely love it. So although it still may be a few years before I get the dining room of my dreams, this one seems pretty perfect for me right now.

Light Silver Sage Paint by Restoration Hardware

Delta Side Chair by Crate and Barrel

Jolene Sideboard by Scandinavian Designs

Marlow Extension Dining Table at Crate and Barrel

Martha Stewart Collection Dinnerware at Macys

Yoko vases from Crate and Barrel

Also, apologies for relying so heavily on Crate and Barrel. In reality, I am hoping to have an oak table custom made, and the Crate and Barrel one was the closest image I could find to what I am hoping to eventually acquire.

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