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Thanksgiving week is rapidly approaching, and as per usual, our trip back to our home state looks to be quite a whirlwind. Joe and I choose to take our long family visit at Thanksgiving, and it is starting to become a tradition. I, for one, am particularly excited because the two of us can drive up to our Michigan rather than having to fly. Which means we don’t have to be quite as judicious packing our week-plus worth of clothing and other things. Nonetheless, I thought it would be a fun exercise to see what I could do with an (imaginary) wardrobe of only ten articles of clothing. Could I put together a week’s worth of outfits? It was extremely entertaining to come up with, and although I don’t actually own these clothes, I certainly think this made me think about packing for my trip in a new way! Oh, and I used OPI’s new “Burlesque” themed nail polish as a jumping off point.

We start with these ten articles of clothing...(Click to Enlarge)

Approximately Clockwise from Left:

  1. Women’s Ruffled Flutter-Sleeve Dress in Red Print from Old Navy
  2. Above the Folds Top from ModCloth
  3. Dream V-Neck Cardigan in Pale Plum from J.Crew
  4. !iT Jeans Dream Diva Stretch Jeans from The Buckle
  5. Wool Flannel 1035 Trouser in Steel Grey from J.Crew
  6. Croft and Barrow Cable Knit Sweater in Wine Heather from Kohls
  7. Cambridge Cable Shawl-Collar Cardigan in Black from J.Crew
  8. The Bates Coat in Black Plaid from ModCloth
  9. Akome Top from Anthropologie
  10. Women’s Rib-Knit Embellished Tank in Cinder Smoke from Old Navy

See below what we do with these ten items!



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So, it looks like another big move is on the horizon for us: just a touch more than a month, and we are moving across the country again. As such, I have been spending a lot of time on various websites researching possible future homes. We’ll probably rent again. I am crossing my fingers for a nice townhouse this time around.

One thing that keeps exciting me as I look at townhouses is the presence of red doors. I cannot really explain it, but the idea of having a red front door absolutely makes me swoon. My personal theory is that a red front door contrasted with a neutral exterior paint color puts focus on the door itself (duh) which in turn makes the viewer think of the door as the portal to the interior, rather than as simply a part of the exterior. Thus, the viewer of the home thinks about the people within, and perhaps their lives, vibrancy, and hospitality. In essence, a red door creates a feeling of welcome-ness. At least that’s what I think. What do you think of red doors? Welcoming or discouraging? Pretty or pretty tacky?

Red Doors

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out by Thomas Hawk

The Entrance by Fe Ilya

Enchanted by Sebastián-Dario

vancouver 352 by Rick E Dick

Red Door by ChadOrlikowski

The Red Door by ohskylab

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I am looking for bright colors now. Gone (hopefully) are the days of gray skies and white snow-covered grounds. Now are the days of bright blue skies, grass growing greener by the day, spring flowers beginning to peak their way out of the earth. Indoors, I am wanting bright splashes of color–blues, reds, yellows, purples. Ah, spring.

Perfectly purple

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Beatrice Eggplant by iLoveButter

be very, very careful by tobym

Thistle Bomb by ecstaticist

This Way114/365: Door Knob by Jer Kunz

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Today is Easter Sunday, and I thought it would be nice to hearken in spring with some imagery of a natural, calming spring. I went a bit outside my normal aesthetics of bright colors to bring out some beautiful neutrals.

Soft Neutrals

All Images from Flickr. Clockwise from top left:

Eggs, Naturally by cobalt123

Silk scarf by tanakawho

Concrete Peach Texture by Abby Lanes

Softness by p!o

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Yesterday Joe and I traveled into downtown Denver. I had forgotten that Saturday morning was Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Needless to say we were surrounded by green–green shirts, green necklaces, green beer. Thus, green inspiration photos!

Arcadian Green

All Images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

“Rivet” by Auntie P

“Be natural.” by LunaDiRimmel

“Acadian” by splorp

“Misty avenue” by net_efekt

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