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It has been a long time since I last did a “Desired Doodad” post. I guess there have not been many things I have seen over the past few months that have had me saying “Oooh, someday I want that!” But this changed the other night when I was looking at Etsy for the first time in a long while. And this necklace absolutely caught my fancy.

Swinging Girl Necklace

Swinging Pinup Girl by MarKhed on Etsy (I highly recommend checking out the rest of the shop as well. So many wonderful things!)


I just adore this necklace! I am always looking for simple, understated “everyday” jewelry that would look gorgeous with my usual T-shirt and jeans or with a nice dress. This piece certainly fits the bill. I love the simplicity of the silhouette which keeps the necklace graphic. The smaller scale of the necklace keeps it from being overbearing. The whimsy of it just makes me grin. I think I may have to save up my pennies for this one…


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Bunting is everywhere these days, and I cannot say that I, too have not been bitten by the bunting bug. There is just something so exuberantly happy about bunting–for me it inspires thoughts of parties, carnivals, and ice cream colors.

But on the other hand, I have found that I struggle to incorporate such a cute and simple trend into my apartment. I see photos of people having hung bunting in their homes, and I just cannot see it fitting in, nor can I even think of a place where it would work in my home. So no wonder I am completely obsessing over this bunting necklace:

Bunting Necklace

At Eden & Eden. Found via design is mine.

I love the vibrant colors, the “statement-ness” of it. Statement necklaces are big now, but most seem too ornate or romantic for my tastes. This necklace is not just loudly proud, but has that casual fun humor that I love so much. Now if only I had a couple of hundred dollars for such a splurge…

Or maybe I could go a little more simple (and affordable) with this one from plasticbat on Etsy:

More bunting!

Actually, I may have to buy this one…

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Isn’t this the cutest container ever?

Ceramic Baskets

I found them via Creature Comforts Blog and I have to agree with their assessment that one of the baskets would make a wonderful gift, filled with berries atop a cookbook wrapped in a tea towel. I also think a trio of the baskets would make a wonderfully simple centerpiece for an outdoor meal, each basket filled with a different kind of berry.

I love it when simple, ubiquitous objects are interpreted in a different material, in this case china. It truly elevates the usual to the fantastic, while retaining the simplicity and utility of the original object. Farmers Market Baskets are available at Jayson Home and Garden.

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I was ridiculously excited when I read this article at Apartment Therapy. The new 111 Navy chair is like a perfect storm of wonderful!

Emeco's new 111 Navy Chair (Photo via Apartment Therapy)

I have admired Emeco’s aluminum 1006 navy chair for quite a while. I love the utilitarian, yet still beautiful styling of the chair–and I know I am not alone in this love, as the chair is considered a design classic. My love was greatly increased when I actually got to sit in one at a restaurant. Who would think an aluminum chair would feel so comfortable and ergonomic? But since we are just starting out, the $400+ price tag is a bit of a challenge to our finances.

Thus, the new chair! Less than $250! Made of recycled materials (Coke bottles!) Warmer to the touch than metal! Comes in fun colors! Still super stylish! I love it!

As you can probably tell, I am exceedingly excited about this piece of furniture. The one drawback, however, is that I would really like to test the chair out before purchasing. I want to see if the chair, made of plastic, retains the original’s sense of comfort and its lightweight sturdiness. It looks like a trip to the Design Within Reach showroom is in my future.

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