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Mountain Drive

On Sunday, Joe and I took a drive up to the mountains. Although we live quite close to the foothills here in Colorado, we don’t go up into the mountains very often. We’re not┬áskiers, snowboarders, or snowmobile-ers, so especially during the winter, we just don’t have much of a reason to brave the roads. Well, this past weekend we decided to just go for a Sunday drive as the weather was nice and we did not have any other plans. I toted my camera, and much to my pleasure, the little workhorse could take lovely pictures even through a dirty windshield. The interesting rock formations and snowcapped peaks just make me smile!


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Last weekend, Joe and I paid a visit to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum was really quite excellent, and we enjoyed it very much. I found that throughout the museum I was particularly inspired by the wide variety of pattern and texture found throughout the natural world. From minerals in forms that seem lighter than air to fossils that could easily be a print on fabric, I found myself absolutely entranced by the variety. And to think I thought the mineral exhibit would be boring!

Minerals and Fossils

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