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“Purple Orchid” is the fifth color in my series on Pantone’s 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter). Half-way through the colors!

Purple Orchid may be my favorite color of the series. Purple is my favorite color, and this is probably my favorite shade. It is darker than a lavender, a bit bolder; feminine yet confident. I feel that if the shade was applied to an interior, it would read much darker than it initially appears. I could certainly see a lighter shade working well in a young girl’s room.

Purple Orchid Inspiration

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Amethyst close up by jipol

purple orchid by t4n14 phei

Diamonds and Pearls by Irina Souiki

Purple berries by tanakawho

Purple Orchid Accents

Background: Behr paint in Strawberry Freeze (680B-5)

Eucalyptus Branches Picture from Z Gallerie

Lambert Mulberry 20″ Pillow from Crate and Barrel

Three Tiers for Fashion dress from ModCloth

Surya area rug Flirty Purple from Macy’s

Embossed Fancy Frame in Purple from Target


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Cooking! Pancakes

Monday night’s supper this week was “Breakfast for Dinner Night.” I like to do breakfast for dinner on Sunday or Monday night, so Joe and I can have leftovers for breakfast part-way into the week. It was a simple combination of pancakes and turkey sausage. Pancake recipe via my dad.

Michael’s Famous Pancakes

  • 2 eggs
  • 1-1/2 cups milk
  • 1/2 cups oil
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 Tbsp baking powder
  • 2 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract or ground cinnamon

In a large bowl beat eggs, add milk and oil, beat together. Sift together dry ingredients and add to egg mixture. Add vanilla or cinnamon and stir. Grease skillet. Pour about 3 Tbsp of batter onto skillet with enough space between each pancake to prevent them from spreading together. Cook pancakes until puffed and dry around the edges. Flip pancakes over and cook the other side until golden brown. Stack on a cookie sheet placed in a 250° oven. Serve warm with butter and maple syrup. Makes around 18 pancakes.

Pancake cooking in the pan

So making pancakes is a pretty new endeavor for me. I was surprised at how easy it is. The entire flipping process is much less intimidating than I thought it would be. And making pancakes is actually fun! Not to mention absolutely delicious.

I have found that it is also an immensely cost-effective. Pretty much the only ingredient I needed to buy for the supper was the sausages for $2.74.

These are all ingredients I keep in my cupboard as staples.

Dry ingredients sifted into the wet ingredients

Not to mention that one night of cooking also gives Joe and I breakfast for two days, and then the two of us get to bicker over who gets the last couple of pancakes for that odd numbered serving. And trust me–we both want that one last serving!

Pancakes for Dinner--so tasty!

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“Sky-line kitchen utensils” by H for Home

Cooking is not really my forte, not because I cannot do it, but because I usually lack the confidence to believe that I can. I am slowly working on my cooking confidence, by cooking almost every day and trying new techniques. I have found that planning a week of meals and committing them to paper is really helpful for me. I use the “Weekly Menu Plan” page from Organized Home, because it is not only very cute, it also isn’t gray-scale, which is good, as my printer is running out of black ink. Anyway, without a written-down guide, it is too easy for me to give into my own laziness and go out. Not only is restaurant food not particularly nutritionally-balanced, it also is incredibly expensive.

So, better-tasting food, better-nutritionally-balanced food, and cheaper food–what isn’t to be excited about cooking more?

These are this week’s dinners:

  • Monday: (Breakfast for Dinner) Pancakes and sausage
  • Tuesday: Breaded Pork Chops, broccoli, an sweet potatoes
  • Wednesday: Lentil Soup and bread
  • Thursday: Curried Chicken
  • Friday: (Cheater Day) Frozen Pizza and salad
  • Saturday: Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdog “Coins”
  • Sunday: (Vegetarian) Lasagna and Salad

Now the shocker (to me at least): I purchased everything for these meals for under $50! Of course, this figure is minus everything I already had on-hand (mostly staples.) I intended to itemize my receipt, but it got misplaced somewhere between the grocery store and the apartment. Grrr! But nonetheless, I feel so proud. And not to mention, each of these meals has at least two leftover servings for lunch the following day, if not more. And Joe and I are huge leftover enthusiasts. Recipes and pictures to follow!

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“Lipstick Red” is the next color in my series on Pantone’s 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter).

Lipstick red is a wonderful pinkish red. It is certainly not a true red, with more of a pinky-blue undertone. I find this tone to be more interesting, and more “palatable” than a true red. I feel it could be read as a pink or a red depending on the context. If it is read more pink, it is certainly a sophisticated pink. Once again, I contend this color would function best as an accent–I cannot imagine an entire room painted in this shade!

Lipstick Red Inspiration

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Cherries by Kathylumsden

Nasturtium, ‘Cherries Jublilee’_1 by Elle-Epp

red velvet by poopoorama

ladybug by kacos2000

Lipstick Red Accents

Behr Paint in Frosted Pomegranate (140B-7)

Classical Symmetry Red Print from Crate and Barrel

Tulle There Was You Dress from ModCloth

Chinois Bird Red 100% Thai Silk Pillow from Target

Lorac Cream Lipstick in Berry from Ulta (With a name like “Lipstick Red” how could I not include a bit of its namesake?)

Night and Day Convertible Sofa in Cardinal from Urban Outfitters

Lampan lamp in Red from Ikea

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Isn’t this the cutest container ever?

Ceramic Baskets

I found them via Creature Comforts Blog and I have to agree with their assessment that one of the baskets would make a wonderful gift, filled with berries atop a cookbook wrapped in a tea towel. I also think a trio of the baskets would make a wonderfully simple centerpiece for an outdoor meal, each basket filled with a different kind of berry.

I love it when simple, ubiquitous objects are interpreted in a different material, in this case china. It truly elevates the usual to the fantastic, while retaining the simplicity and utility of the original object. Farmers Market Baskets are available at Jayson Home and Garden.

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We are now onto part 3 of my series on Pantone’s 2010 Fall Color report (via Fashion Trendsetter). Today the color I am looking at “Living Coral”

“Living Coral” is a pink-y, peach-y, well, coral color. I have always been a bit leery of coral as a color, as it can easily feel a bit dated; in other iterations, it feels a bit fussy and “grandmother-y.” However, this particular tone of coral is a bit more modern than the tone I typically think of. It is more pink than orange, and I feel it has a cooler undertone than most shades of coral. This shade is immensely feminine and undoubtedly pretty.

Living Coral Inspirations

All images from Flickr. Clockwise from Top Left:

Red coral by Axel Rouvin

As time passes the flowers continue to open for the sun by MagdaMontenor

Grapefruit-2 by renwest

Flamingo by fishin widow

Living Coral Accents

Background color: Behr Paint Color Juicy Passionfruit (190B-5)

Womens Silk tricotine Cecelia dress in Deep Rose at JCrew

Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in It Girl from Ulta

Nine West Glitzglam Shoes in Light Red at Zappos

OPI Nicole Nail Lacquer in Find Your Passion from Ulta

Bayside Apartment Sofa in Poppy from Crate and Barrel

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Filing Cabinet Cart

This image from Design*Sponge really excited me today. The wonderful splash of bright color contrasting with the natural wood-grain just made my heart skip. And then I realized that a variation of this project would be very doable for me. Instead of converting a filing cabinet into a kitchen cart, I could simply repaint my immensely “blah” kitchen cart. Last year when we lived in Alabama, our kitchen was so poorly designed that it only had one tiny piece of counter, so we ended up buying a flat-pack kitchen cart from Wal-Mart.

Incredibly Boring Kitchen Cart

So now I am thinking that painting it a nice bright color might elevate it from annoyingly boring to fabulously fun. But then, I must decide what color! Red? Blue? Some other color? It will really depend on where the cart will go in our next apartment. If it ends up in the kitchen, then red; if it goes into the dining room, then pale blue. Or maybe some other color entirely?

Red? Or Blue?

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