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Greetings! As you can see this is the first post on the brand-spanking new blog Sanguine Style! It is always a struggle to start something new for me; and this is no different. The first sentence, paragraph, page of a book or story is always the hardest for me to slog through, but once past it, the momentum takes over. Such as it is for me and blogging. Should I start out with a bang, or write something that is more or less no different from a fifth-grader’s “about me” essay? Despite my desire to give my readers a shockingly intriguing first post, I find myself resorting to the latter.

What to know about me? I am Kathy, a twenty-something woman who lives (currently) in an apartment in the greater metro Denver area. I am married to my husband, Joe, and we move around a lot due to his job, which is part of a rotation program for a national corporation. Both of us are originally from the Midwest, and we hope to return there in the near future. Come June, we will probably be moving yet again, and we are crossing our fingers that this will be his permanent assignment and we will be one step closer to somewhere we can consider “home.” The transitional nature of our lives right now make it difficult for both of us to feel completely rooted and connected to our living spaces and our communities.  I moved around frequently as a kid, so I find I greatly value consistency and a more permanent connection to a place I can call “home.” This is a large reason why I spend so much of my time dreaming about home improvement and decor–as I am faced with lease after lease, I find myself lusting after the ability to really change a space to suit mine and The Husband’s needs.  Six years of beige walls and the inability to make nail holes? Of course I am desirous of brightly-tinted paint and art on every wall!

I don’t have any formal training when it comes to design or decor, but I enjoy it very much. I love the idea of changing a space into a place that becomes Home. I know what I like and I enjoy trying to achieve it. I also adore challenging myself to think outside of my own tastes and styles, solving problems, creating stories, flexing my imagination. I want this space to be a spot where I can share what I love, and I hope that you will love it too!


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